Mental health & well-being

If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health and well-being, there is help. You're not alone. Below you can find information on how to get help.

Things to bear in mind

Not everyone feels comfortable talking about their mental health, but it's important. Often, just talking about it can help you understand what's going on with your (or someone else's) mental health. And it can help to get support or treatment if needed.


People can feel anxious about a lot of things: the first day of school, a job interview, a big event or a first date. Anxiety can make your heart race and your palms sweaty. If you’re experiencing anxiety, you’re not alone. Here are some tips on how to deal with anxiety.


Depression is a feeling that nothing matters, which can be so strong it interferes with one’s ability to function in the world. Depression can make getting out of bed every morning feel like climbing Mt. Everest. The good news is that you don't have to climb the mountain alone. Asking for support could help you unlock the tools to make the climb easier. Here are some tools for dealing with depression.

Finding support

If you or someone you know is in crisis and needs to talk, are looking for support, or need information please use these free resources. They can help.